BBC's Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction television program in the world. Ever.

It began life on November 23rd, 1963, featuring William Hartnell as the time-traveling Doctor. The series ran 26 years and ended in December, 1989, with Sylvester McCoy in the role of the Doctor. An attempt was made to bring the show back to the small screen in 1996. Finally in 2005, the series was revived by Queer as Folk creator Russell T. Davies. This time around, the show is a big-budget production and is one of the BBC's flagship shows. Currently, the Doctor is played by Matt Smith after a great run by David Tennant.

On Doctor Who Night (which, coincidentally, is OutWorlders' longest-running event, reaching its 10th Anniversary in February 2011), we enjoy episodes old and new, featuring stories from all 11 Doctors.

Doctor Who Night Reboot begins Sept 15th 2012 and will be the second Saturday each month following. We'll start with a 15-month Best Of series leading up to the 50th Anniversary in November of 2013.

Gathering starts at 7pm, and showtime is 8pm.


2012-2013 viewing schedule:

SEPT 15 - 1st Doctor: "The Gunfighters" (1966) followed by "A Town Called Mercy" (2012)
OCT 13 - 2nd Doctor
NOV 10 - "The Three Doctors" (anniversary)
DEC 8 - 3rd Doctor
JAN 12 - 4th Doctor
FEB 9 - 4th Doctor
MAR 9 - 5th Doctor
APR 13 - "The Five Doctors"
MAY 8 - 6th Doctor
JUN 11 - 7th Doctor
JUL 13 - 8th Doctor
AUG 10 - 9th Doctor
SEPT 14 - 10th Doctor
OCT 12 - 11th Doctor
NOVEMBER 9 - Anniversary Special

Schedule subject to change, but notification will be given!


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Its very easy to find. Basically take 285 to Buford Hwy (on the NE side of the loop) and turn to go inside the perimeter. Go less than half a mile and turn left onto Chestnut (look for the Happy Karaoke place). Go to the first stop sign at Pineland. Cross over Pineland and we're the second driveway on the left.


The first few people can park in our driveway, but parking is not available on Chestnut. You can park on Pineland or possible in the church parking lot on the corner of Pineland and Chestnut.





Atlanta Gallifreyans: (Atlanta-based Doctor Who fan group, meets on the third Saturday of each month. The website is full of background information on each eara of the series, a great resource for those new to the show who want to learn a little more.)


A Yahoo Group for Gay fans of Doctor Who:

The BBC's Doctor Who Homepage (original series): (the section of the BBC website devoted to the original series of Doctor Who. This is a massive site with news, photos, an episode guide that includes synopses, facts and myths, video clips from each story, etc.)


The BBC's Doctor Who Homepage (new series): (the official Doctor Who site with a brand-new look to coincide with the debut of the New Series! This is an equally massive site, with more features than I've ever seen on any other site. There are video diaries from cast and crew during filming of the series, there's behind the scenes specials, there's a Flash-based game based on the episode "Dalek" which is absolutely amazing ... there's quite simply too much stuff to even describe here.)