Game Night is a monthly event (first Saturday of the month) with a rotating locale. Different members living in different areas share hosting duties, so inevitably each draws a slightly different audience. Game Night is one of our best-attended events, and is a great place to meet new folks. If you're new to Outworlders, this is a great event to start with.


We start gathering at 7:00pm for socializing and snacking. Gaming starts at 8:00pm (when we can wait that long!)


If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Game Night Hosts, just let any of the other hosts know, or contact the events cooridnator at

Watch the Events announcements on the Yahoo! Groups for directions and full details.



Month Host Location
January 2017 Robert & Jack East Atlanta
February Kevin Decatur
March Jenzo Peachree Corners
April JD East Point
May Lisa & David Marietta
June Kevin Decatur
July Paul Decatur
August Paul Decatur
September skipped Dragon Con
October Jenzo Peachree Corners